ATV Trek

Safety First!

Camp Wakpominee provides a safe introductory program into all-terrain vehicle use and operation following the safety training program of the ATV Safety Institute (ASI).

The ATV program is for youth ages 15 and above and holds the rank of First Class. Youth will be instructed in the safe operation and handling of an ATV as well as how to ride off-road vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner. The program will be taught by a BSA certified instructor.

Scouts and Scouters can become certified riders through the Polaris ATV Safety Program at Camp Wakpominee allowing them to rent and drive off-road vehicles in states that require the training. Participates will receive a patch and certificate.

General information

Wakpominee's ATV program follows the ASI’s RiderCourse program in its entirety. No deviation is permitted from the course outline. Go online at to review the section they have for parents. It details what you may want to know about riding ATVs safely.

During the program, a qualified staff member will be present at all times that participants are riding. Unsupervised riding is not allowed. Manufacturer restrictions on the age, weight, and height of riders shall be followed, with no exceptions.

Parents and/or guardians must complete a permission slip, inclusive of hold-harmless language, prior to beginning the program.

The ATVs are council-owned and used for ATV TreksThe ATVs may not be used by third parties outside of the ATV program.

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