Alumni Association

Helping To Keep The Promise One Project At A Time.

The Camp Wakpominee Alumni Association was formed in 2005.  We currently have over one hundred members, including many camp staff of the past and present, eagle scout, leaders, and supporters of the scouting program.

Many of the projects we have done you have seen as you walk around the camp!

  • Cub Camp Fencing
  • Donation of two Automatic External Defibrillators to the camp for life-threatening emergencies
  • Paint Sprayer- Restricted donation from a local Boy Scout Troop for the camp.
  • Frontier Campsite Rehab
  • Front Entrance Clean-up
  • BBQ Pavilion
  • Trading Post septic
  • Helped revive the Mountain Bike Program
  • With a restricted donation, constructed an Archery shooting pavilion and storage facility
  • Over $7,300 and 375 hours of volunteer service went into the Waterfront Expansion project.


PO Box 739 Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866


Our purpose is simple.  We strive to enhance the scouting program at Camp Wakpominee by:

Promoting financial support to the camp for capital improvement projects.
Encouraging participation in camp work days, and service to the camp.
Providing social events for members to reminisce about their past experiences.
Developing a network of friends and supporters.


Monetary contributions are welcome and are tax deductible.  Donations of goods and services may also be tax deductible if they qualify.  A letter of donation will be supplied upon request.

Please contact the association for further details regarding the donation of goods, services, and include a letter identifying your intent.

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