Charter Renewal


Forms and Resources

Registration Fees for 2024
Cub/Scout/Venturing Youth: $120.00
Cub/Scout/Venturing Adult: $100.00

Exploring Youth: $59.00
Exploring Adult: $59.00

Boy’s Life: $15.00

Unit Charter Fee: $100.00

*All fees are based on 12 month registration and include the Council’s Program/Insurance Fee

Are you ready to get started?

The BSA issues charters to community organizations to enable them to use the Scouting program under their own leadership as a service to their children, youth, and families. Charter renewal is the process of renewing the charter agreement between the BSA and the organization, and renewing the registration of youth and adult members. Every unit must complete this process annually between October 15th and December 15th.

Renewing your charter on time is critical. It is required for Journey to Excellence, for units to continue registration without interruption to ensure Scouts are registered, critical for receiving rank advancement and other awards, and for insurance coverage.

Each unit has the opportunity to remove members from your official Scouting roster who are no longer active, to update adult leadership positions and provide annual updates on your unit.

If each unit follows the next three simple rules and the October Back-dater steps, you’ll find Internet Charter Renewal is fast, easy, and may only take 15 minutes to complete.
  1. Check the Youth Protection Training dates on your adult members. If their YPT date expires before 12/31/24, please have them take it again so that they are trained through the full charter year.
  2. Have new members joining in September, October, November and December use Online Registration or paper applications. Remember you’ll need to ACCEPT the new applicants online using Application Manager.
  3. DO NOT USE THE ADD NEW MEMBER feature in the Charter Renewal portal. Let the online registration add them automatically or send paper applications & payment to the council office for processing.