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Twin Rivers Youth Protection Mark Switzer
Adirondack District Chair Jeff Chauvin
Adirondack District Commissioner Skip Lee
Adirondack Activities Corinna Woods
Adirondack Communications Rick Weerts
Adirondack Camping & Properties Rick Rydgren
Adirondack Health & Safety Cory Haynes
Adirondack Membership Ed Kirby
Adirondack Exploring Kent Martin
Adirondack Order of the Arrow Pat Andrews
Adirondack Popcorn Kernel Jerry Neff
Adirondack Unit Commissioner Pat Andrews
Adirondack Unit Commissioner Greg Dahlen
Adirondack Unit Commissioner Jim Guinness
Adirondack Unit Commissioner Skip Lee
Adirondack Unit Commissioner Tom Metz
Adirondack Unit Commissioner Richard Onufer
Adirondack Unit Commissioner Cory Haynes
Adirondack Unit Commissioner Jerry Neff
Fort Orange District Chair Joseph Schanz
Fort Orange District Commissioner Paul Koch
Fort Orange Program Douglas Austin
Fort Orange Explorers Nate Bray
Fort Orange Member-at-Large Brian Casey
Fort Orange Advancement - Merit Badges Dean Christian
Fort Orange Member-at-Large Kevin Cleary
Fort Orange Vice Co-Chair / Program Art Cornell
Fort Orange Member-at-Large Erik Deyoe
Fort Orange Program Erika Flood
Fort Orange Member-at-Large Rose Ann Garry
Fort Orange Advancement - Eagle Scouts Jeffrey Goldmeer
Fort Orange District Popcorn Kernel Serhat örsçek
Fort Orange Membership Kris Kusche
Fort Orange Order of the Arrow Advisor Matt Kusche
Fort Orange Training Michael Langer
Fort Orange Program Stacey Lauren (Stump)
Fort Orange Advancement Vincent Meunier
Fort Orange Vice Co-Chair / Program Andy Mossey
Fort Orange Program Marc Tarantelli
Fort Orange Asst. District Commisioner Ralph Balfoort
Fort Orange Asst. District Commisioner Paul Koch
Fort Orange Unit Commissioner Penelope Landgraf
Fort Orange Unit Commissioner Jeffrey Middendorf
Fort Orange Asst. District Commisioner Nicholas Mitchell
Fort Orange Unit Commissioner Johnna Norton
Fort Orange Unit Commissioner John Zieske
Mohawk District Chairman Rich Ahl
Mohawk District Commissioner Don Sipher
Mohawk Vice Chairman Advancement Bernie Shaw
Mohawk Vice Chairman Camping Kristina Matthews
Mohawk Vice Chairman Finance  Gregory Bruno
Mohawk Vice Chairman Program Alicia Sherman
Mohawk Vice Chairman Membership Cooper Steele
Mohawk District Nominating Chairman  Drew Chesney
Mohawk District Venturing Chairman Bruce Lawrence
Mohawk Nominating HPT Daniel D'Angelo
Mohawk Cub Scout Program  Ryan Fava
Mohawk STEM  Christopher Gersey
Mohawk District Popcorn Kernel  Lauri Hess
Mohawk Program HPT Todd Hess
Mohawk District OA Representitive  James McClymonds
Mohawk Advancement- West Side Eagles Stephen Miller
Mohawk Day Camp Program Director  Amy Semerad
Mohawk District Website Registration Richard Stellrecht
Mohawk Scouting for Food Chairman  Jack Whitehead
Mohawk Unit Commissioner Alicia Sherman
Mohawk Unit Commissioner  Daniel Beicke
Mohawk Unit Commissioner David Bacchi
Mohawk Unit Commissioner  Greg Szczesny
Mohawk Unit Commissioner  Jay Weigel aquascoutjay@aol.col
Mohawk Unit Commissioner Jeremy Vanden Berg
Mohawk Unit Commissioner Michael Golden
Mohawk Unit Commissioner Richard Hodder
Mohawk Unit Commissioner Robert Shippey
Mohawk Unit Commissioner Stephen Miller
Mohawk Unit Commissioner Timothy Williams
Mohawk Unit Commissioner  William Levering
Mohawk Unit Commissioner William Farnan
Mohawk Unit Commissioner  William Clancy
Turning Point District Committee Chair Betty Fitzgerald
Turning Point District Commissioner Frank Mihalick
Turning Point Vice Chair Training Peter Nicolaysen
Turning Point Vice Chair Advancement  Ellen Howe
Turning Point Vice Chair Finance Chet Szymanski
Turning Point Vice Chair Camping Dave Hoffman
Turning Point Popcorn Kernel Shelley Duell
Yankee Doodle District Chair Bill Clancy
Yankee Doodle District Commissioner Eric Durr
Yankee Doodle District Popcorn Kernel Mary Walsh
Yankee Doodle Order of the Arrow Mark Backhaus
Yankee Doodle Eagle Board of Review Mike Bowman
Yankee Doodle Advancment- Merit Badges Anne Marie Crumb
Yankee Doodle Training Cheryl Downing
Yankee Doodle Advancement-Eagle Ken Kippen
Yankee Doodle Membership Jim Stevens
Yankee Doodle Program Andy Zlotnick
Yankee Doodle Health & Safety Celeste Conte-Gilger
Yankee Doodle Program Tim Sweet
Yankee Doodle Training Janet Keilen
Yankee Doodle STEM/NOVA Jay Bemis
Yankee Doodle Asst. District Comissioner Jim Stevens
Yankee Doodle Unit Commissioner Pat Mahoney
Yankee Doodle Unit Commissioner Bill Macfarlane
Yankee Doodle Unit Commissioner Clayton Andrus
Yankee Doodle Unit Commissioner Randie Sanford
Yankee Doodle Unit Commissioner Doug Lenz
Twin Rivers Chair Ethan Angell
Twin Rivers Committee Member Casey Jakubowski
Twin Rivers Committee Member Eric Durr
Twin Rivers Committee Member Bill Clancy
Twin Rivers Council Advancement Chair Ross Pettijean
Twin Rivers Advancement Committee Anne Marie Crumb
Twin Rivers Advancement Committee Amy Semerad
Twin Rivers Council Service Center  'Eagle Desk'
Twin Rivers Council Training Chair Cheryl Downing
Twin Rivers Training Committee Will Farnum
Twin Rivers Training Committee Steve Kopecki
Twin Rivers Training Committee Joe Schanz
Twin Rivers Training Committee Bob Fagan
Twin Rivers Training Committee Peter Nicolaysen
Twin Rivers Training Committee Janet Keilen
Twin Rivers Training Committee Mike Langer
Adirondack District Popcorn Kernel Jerry Neff
Fort Orange District Popcorn Kernel Serhat örsçek
Mohawk District Popcorn Kernel Lauri Hess
Turning Point District Popcorn Kernel Shelley Duell
Yankee Doodle District Popcorn Kernel Mary Walsh
Twin Rivers Camp Director Brian Murray
Twin Rivers Program Director Janet Keilen
Twin Rivers Cub Day Camp Director Vacant Vacant
Twin Rivers Committee Member Joel Uline
Twin Rivers Chair Ed Keilen
Twin Rivers Committee Member Brian Murray
Twin Rivers Committee Member Joel Uline
Twin Rivers Camp Director Frank Mihalek
Twin Rivers Treks Director Frank Winters
Twin Rivers Ranger Dan Krueger
Twin Rivers Chair Harrison Francett
Twin Rivers Alumni Association Chair Bryan Lasher
Twin Rivers Camping Chair Don Frament
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Dave Hoffman
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Frank Winters
Twin Rivers Camping Committee George Casey
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Joel Uline
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Kristina Matthews
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Frank Mihalek
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Mike Shaver
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Nick Mitchell
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Rick Stellrecht
Kittan Lodge Advisor George Casey 
Kittan Lodge Associate Adviser Kris Kusche
Kittan Lodge Associate Adviser Michael Shaver 
Kittan Lodge Associate Adviser Patrick Andrews
Kittan Lodge Associate Adviser Barb Potter
Kittan Lodge Associate Adviser Anthony Richard
Ktemaque Chapter Adviser Matt Kusche
Taghkanic  Chapter Adviser Mark Backus
Naxa Niemat  Chapter Adviser James McClymonds 
Wakpominee  Chapter Adviser Nancy Ciccolella 
Loon Chapter Adviser Pat Andrews 
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Richard Stellrecht
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Dean Long
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Donald Frament
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Bryan Lasher
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Cheryl Downing
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Michael Shaver
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Mark Daigneault
Twin Rivers Camping Committee George Casey
Twin Rivers Camping Committee James McClymonds
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Nancy Ciccolella
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Quintin Ciccolella
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Doug Streets
Twin Rivers Camping Committee William Farnan
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Stephen Kopecky
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Matthew Kusche
Twin Rivers Camping Committee William Shaw
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Anthony Richard
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Amy Semerad
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Jason Zobre
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Sean Kusche
Twin Rivers Camping Committee Drew Chesney
Twin Rivers Council Chair Kris Kusche
Twin Rivers Adirondack Chair Ed Kirby
Twin Rivers Turning Point Chair Vacant Vacant
Twin Rivers Mohawk Chair Cooper Steele
Twin Rivers Yankee Doodle Chair Jim Stevens
Twin Rivers Fort Orange Chair Keith Bemis
Twin Rivers Board Member Fred Adriance
Twin Rivers Board Member Rich Ahl
Twin Rivers Board Member Ethan Angell
Twin Rivers Board Member Linda Baker
Twin Rivers Board Member Jennifer Boll
Twin Rivers Board Member Grace Camaratta
Twin Rivers Board Member George Casey
Twin Rivers Board Member Jeff Chauvin
Twin Rivers Board Member Drew Chesney
Twin Rivers Board Member Bill Clancy
Twin Rivers Board Member Ken Clough
Twin Rivers Board Member Bob Colley
Twin Rivers Board Member John D'Adamo
Twin Rivers Board Member Nicholas D'Ambrosio
Twin Rivers Board Member Tom Eliopoulos
Twin Rivers Board Member Betty Fitzgerald
Twin Rivers Board Member JP Garvey
Twin Rivers Board Member Donna Gelder-Bigelow
Twin Rivers Board Member Mark Holtzman
Twin Rivers Board Member Edward Kirby
Twin Rivers Board Member Bob Kreider
Twin Rivers Board Member Kris Kusche
Twin Rivers Board Member Ed  LaFave
Twin Rivers Board Member Dean Long
Twin Rivers Board Member Tom Metz
Twin Rivers Board Member Scott Morley
Twin Rivers Board Member Brian Murray
Twin Rivers Board Member Rob Pattison
Twin Rivers Board Member Jack Rotolo
Twin Rivers Board Member Joe Schanz
Twin Rivers Board Member Alisha Sherman
Twin Rivers Board Member Dan Stec
Twin Rivers Board Member Greg Szczesny
Twin Rivers Board Member Gary Tebbetts
Twin Rivers Council President Kenneth Clough
Twin Rivers Council Commissioner Drew Chesney
Twin Rivers Council Executive Mark Switzer
Twin Rivers National Council Rep. Linda Baker
Twin Rivers National Council Rep. John D'Adamo
Twin Rivers V.P. - Major Gifts Nicholas D'Ambrosio
Twin Rivers V.P. Administration JP Garvey
Twin Rivers Audit Committee Chair Mark Holtzman
Twin Rivers V.P. District Operations Edward Kirby
Twin Rivers V.P.- Properties Dean Long
Twin Rivers V.P. - Program Brian Murray
Twin Rivers V.P. Finance Rob Pattison
Twin Rivers Executive V.P. Greg Szczesny
Twin Rivers Council Treasurer Gary Tebbetts
Twin Rivers Council Executive / CEO Mark Switzer
Twin Rivers District Director - Membership Tory Carman
Twin Rivers Assistant Scout Executive / COO Steven  Dunn
Twin Rivers Office Manager / Registration Sandy Elkins
Twin Rivers Ranger - Camp Wakpominee Dan  Krueger
Twin Rivers Field Executive - Fundraising Holly Rogers
Twin Rivers Ranger - Rotary Scout Reservation Joel Uline
Twin Rivers Membership Associate Quintin Ciccolella
Twin Rivers Membership Associate Tyler Henderson

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