Get Out And Scout

Here you will find Council's guidelines for units on how they can safely restart and run their programs. You will find documents and webinars to help you out.

Cub Scouts: How To Meet

  • Family hikes
  • Family bike rides
  • Social distance picnic in the park
  • Photo scavenger hunts
  • Virtual Game Night/Family Game Night
  • Ice Cream/Snow Cone Meet Up
  • Fitness in the Park
  • Family Food Drive
  • Card/letter writing for senior center
  • Virtual Campfire with family skits/songs
  • Fishing day
  • Rock painting & placement in public setting
  • Noodle Tag
  • Kickball
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Backyard Campout
  • Plant a home garden
  • Virtual Chef Challenge
  • DIY Craft Share
  • Egg Drop Challenge
  • Virtual Museum Tour
  • Karaoke/Dance Party
  • Stargaze/Comet/ISS Watch party
  • Geocaching
  • Family Field Day

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Second Class
First Class

Special Thanks to Hawkeye Area Council for sharing these resources.


Service Project Ideas

- Send a special video message to a local nursing home for their residents.
- Help a close neighbor with grocery pick-up/delivery.
- Send "Thank you" messages to local first-responders, healthcare workers, and essential employees.
- Donate blood- if you are of age.
- Call your loved ones to check in on them.
- Go to the park with your family and clean up an area while observing social distancing.
- While going for a walk, clean up liter on the side of the road with your family in your neighborhood.
- Send food to local first-responders.

Unit Meeting Resources

Cub Scout Power Point Adventures for Virtual Meetings

Customizable virtual meeting templates editable through PowerPoint

These templates are credited to our friends in the Michigan Crossroads Council, PFFSC. Thank you! 

Virtual Den/Pack Meeting – Template #1
Virtual Troop Meeting – Template #1
Virtual Troop Meeting – Template #2

Trying to figure out how to have a meeting with your patrol? Zoom Video has the potential to use “Breakout Rooms” where you can split your Zoom meeting in up to 50 different sessions! See the instructions HERE.

Free, or Low Cost, Options

The CDC is recommending to be careful with meetings and travel and use teleconferencing when possible. Here are some free or low-cost online communication tools:

Free Conference Call
Go To Meeting
Join Me
Google Hangouts

Prevent "Zoom Bombings". While the name is centered on one platform, this is a thing for all of them.

Check out this article to learn more.

The SCOUTStrongTM Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) Challenge will help your unit members add physical activity to their lifestyle, as well as help them improve their eating habits

YPT Digital

It’s critical that we all continue to keep youth protection top-of-mind whether our Scouting activities are taking place in person or through a digital platform. Of note, remember that BSA prohibits any one-on-one interaction between an adult leader and a Scout – in person, online, through a web conference, over the phone, via text, or in any other form.

Guide To Safe Scouting
BSA Social Media Guidelines
Detailed Information and Training
Cyber Chip

Parent/Leader Resources

Earn The Award Today

The basic aims of Scouting include teaching young people to take care of themselves, to be helpful to others, and to develop courage, self-reliance, and the ability to be ready to serve in an emergency.

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