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Welcome to the 59th Klondike Derby Deep Freeze website, January 21, 2023. Please join us!

Welcome to the website for the 58th Mohawk Klondike derby, held this year at Camp Wakpominee on January 20-22, 2023. This website contains general information about the event as well as specific information for Patrol Leaders, Scoutmasters and Venture crew leaders.

We regard the Mohawk Klondike derby as the premier event in the Northeast, focusing on outdoor winter survival skills in a patrol/crew setting. Events include orienteering, survival shelter building, wilderness first aid, fire building, ice rescue as well as an old fashioned sledge race. Patrols/crews that prepare for and compete in this event will be well prepared for any winter event that may come their way.

We encourage patrols/crews to download the materials that describe the individual events as well as tips for general preparedness, study them and then actually practice the events outside. It is only in practice that these skills can be mastered.

The 47 files on this website should provide all you need to know to prepare for the Klondike Derby. Assuming you’re familiar with the Klondike Derby Deep Freeze, the following is a summary of key points, changes, and highlights from last year.

  • Troop 3056B British Badgers set a scorching time for fire starting of 4 minutes 59 seconds! Gandalf would be proud! They also went on to tie for winning the Klondike Derby overall with Troop 3067 Bass Pro.
  • Troop 3067 clinched their 3rd permanent snow shoe award by winning (or tying for 1st) the Derby 8 times in the prior decade. 3065 Mighty Moose drove the 3067 patrols with 4 wins showing sustained excellence. Congratulations to both troops!
  • Troop 3056G also participated with our first all girl patrol, the Axolotl Army. Amazingly, they were second highest in the ever-challenging Orienteering course. Nice job!

…And thanks to the other troops that were happy to provide help and training as needed. Excellent scouting spirit!

  • Last year, we didn’t do First Aid (at Naknek) due to the troop’s decision to minimize COVID risks. This year, First Aid will be back on the Derby trail.

A Couple of Lessons Learned

  • Remember, cotton-based CARHART clothing will not pass Clothing Check. 100% synthetic CARHARTS will pass Clothing Check.
  • Scouts need to eat hot liquid and pasta for lunch. Cup of Noodles meets those objectives but Cup of Soup doesn’t have enough pasta, and must therefore be supplemented with some kind of pasta to obtain full lunch points.
  • Cabin rental goes quickly. Once you’re registered, contact Tyler Henderson at TRC (518 869-6436 ext. 122) to rent cabins or lean-tos.

Contact Info

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Brian Campbell. (518) 603-2789 or (518) 265-0061 or

Basics, Schedules and Maps

1-Klondikhaven Map

2-Schedule of Events - New 2023

3-Call for H&S team members - New 2023

4-Invitation to Cub Observers - New 2023

5 Closing Ceremony New 2023

Key Patrol Leader Information

6-Klondikehaven news - PL Edition - New 2023

7-Clothing Check at Chilkoot Pass - Static

8-Instructions for Derby Patrol Leaders - New 2023

9-Derby Event Descriptions (Details) - Static

10-Clothing Check Scorecard - Static

11-Flag & Sledge Judging Criteria - Static

12-The Derby Sledge - Static

13-Derby Sledge Diagram - Static

14-Patrol & Individual Scout Checklists - Static

15-Trail Lunch Scoresheet - Static

16-Route Card (sample) 2023

17-Brief Description of Derby Skill Events - Static

Key Scoutmaster Information

18-Klondikehaven News - Fall SM - New 2023

19-Information for Scoutmasters - New 2023

20-Klondikehaven news - SM Winter Edition - New 2023

21-Registration & Pre-registration Information - New 2023

22-Registration & Pre-registration Form - New 2023

23-Health & Safety Checklist - Static

24-Departure Check-out Checklist - Static

25-Campmaster Notes - Static

26-Rules - Static

27-Liquid Fuels Policy - Static

28-Parking Policy- Static


30-No snow sledge policy - Static

31-TRC Reservations - Rental of Cabins and Lean-tos - New 2023


General Information and Articles of Interest











43-History of the Klondike Derby & Deep Freeze - New 2023

44-MOTWOM Roster - New 2023



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