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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the place that you will find questions that others have asked, and they are here with answers to help you.
Q: Are the take order sheets being mailed directly to the Scouts? A: Yes.  Each currently registered Scout will receive an order form.  We have additional forms at the Albany Service center if you need additional forms.  
Q: When does online selling start? A: August 1.  Your Scouts can sell online now.    
Q: Can we use the Square card readers that we have used in the past?  A: Yes.  You can also use PayAnywhere (see more information in the Popcorn Guide). You can get free card readers if you don't have one by signing up for either company.  
Q: When signing up for a credit card reader, whose social security number or Tax ID number do I use?  A: Your chartered organizations tax ID number.  Under no circumstances is a parent or leader allowed to use their own SSN# or their own banking account to set up any kind of financial service.   
Q: Who pays the credit card fees? A: The unit pays the credit card fee for each transaction, unless it is an online sale.  Keep in mind that by accepting credit cards, you will gain more sales and make up the fees.  On a $100 order, the fees will be less than $3.  
Q: When will the Scout(s) receive the gift card for reaching $400 in online sales?  A: At the end of the sale.  After December 30.
Q: Will my Scout get an email when someone buys online?  A: No, but your Scout/parent or the kernel can look up the sales under online orders in the system.  
Q: How do Scout Show and Sell sales get credited towards prizes? A: There is an option in the Camp Masters system that allows you to go in and add the sales to each Scout.  (See tutorial-coming soon!)
Q: Is the unit kernel the only one who can log in to the system? A: Yes/No.  see below.
Q: Can we have a duo be the kernels for our unit? A: Yes.  The currently registered kernel can add another leader by adding a user.  Choose leader from the drop-down menu and add person.  Then choose what permissions the additional leader should have.  
Q: How long is the typical shipping time for orders placed online? A: Typically it's 3-5 business days, but with the pandemic changes still in place, it can take longer.
Q: How much is the shipping for online orders? A: There is no shipping cost for online orders.
Q: Are the online products the same as what we are selling? A: No.  Please see the Popcorn guide for the online product listing.
Q: Where can I find the nutritional and allergy information for the products? A: http://www.campmasters.org/faq. Towards the bottom you will find the information.
Q: How do I get the sign-on Link to get into the popcorn system? A: Beth Should have sent it to you already.  If you need it resent or you haven't received it yet, please send Beth a message.  
Q: How do I make myself a username and password to get into the popcorn system/APP instead of using the sign-on link?  A: See Create Username & Password under Tutorials (in the links above).
Q: Why are the online prices more than the Show and Sell and Take Order prices? A: Our council can choose how much we charge for popcorn products.  The only price we changed from suggested retail price is the purple popping corn, which is suggested at $12.  We changed it to $10 to give you an additional $10 item.  We are guessing that to cover the "free shipping" for the online product sale, Campmasters increased their pricing on some items.  
Q: Are we allowed to return show and sell popcorn that we don't sell?  A: Yes; however, you need to keep your boxes to return the product in, and all of the pieces must be in good resalable condition. e.g., no dirty, torn, beat up or mouse- chewed containers/bags.
Q: Can we get more show and sell popcorn if we sell out of what we order? A: Yes.  We will be ordering extra.  We do ask that if you order show and sell popcorn and do not sell all of it, nor need all of it, that you please let Beth or Holly know as early as possible, so we can take it off your hands if other units need more.  
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