Prepare for Charter Renewal

Be PREPARED: Charter renewal is just around the corner, do you know what the three most important steps are to get prepared? Training, Roster Checks and Online Application Manager Review.

First step, training, new this year, Key 3 unit members will be responsible for completing the online Charter Renewal as the National BSA has developed a simple two-step process online. The old Unit Charter Renewal System is gone, no more access codes, now the Key 3 will have access to click on a Charter Renewal button in Internet Advancement 2.0, this means unit Key 3 member will need to attend the National training webinars for this on the evening of Sept 28. If you can’t make this training, the webinar will be recorded.

Second step, roster checks, it’s good to start now and check your unit roster. Just like taking attendance in school, you need to check your roster to make sure all your members, youth and adults, are officially registered in the unit. The Committee Chair and Unit Leader can access the current roster 24/7, 365 days a year by logging into their account and from the Main Menu click on their unit, a new drop-down menu will appear and select Roster. This is the official roster of your active youth and adults. If anyone is missing it is an indication that the council never received the missing person’s application. Get those missing applications to the council office right away before you begin the charter renewal. Their membership must be posted before you begin.

Third step, check Application Manager. Additionally, each week, yes each week, the Committee Chair or Unit Leader need to check Application Manager for any online applications that may be pending acceptance and accept them. Recruitment is in full swing and many new scouts are joining units online through BeAScout. Starting October 1st, new scouts joining online will be paying online for membership for the remainder of this year and paying for membership through the next year. All youth who apply online during this timeframe will be marked Pre-Paid on the charter renewal and their fees will not be included in the total Charter Renewal Fee the unit will be charged. Committee Chairs and Unit Leaders can accept online applications for youth, but remember, only Chartered Org Reps or their assigned delegate can accept online adult applicants.

If you follow these steps, your online charter renewal will be fast and easy!

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