Refund Policy


The Twin Rivers Council provides Council programs, High Adventure Camps and other Activities to the Scouts and Leaders in its area. These opportunities require Council staff to send deposits to the sponsoring facility, acquire needed supplies and produce mailings to campers and others so, the Council sponsored experiences are rewarding and safe for the Scouts and leaders.

Fees are usually paid in advance of the event to ensure the Council can provide the best service to the Scouts.  Therefore, the following refund policies are hereby adopted.

Event Fees

Event fees are non-refundable except as permitted by this Policy.  No refunds will be allowed after 30 days of the event date.  Any refund request shall be in writing and filed with the Twin Rivers Council Service Center within 30 days of the event establishing the following:

  1. The registered participant at the time of the event had an illness or medical condition which prevented participation. The refund request shall be supported by a statement signed by a doctor or qualified health care professional.
  2. The death of parent, grandparent, brother, sister or household member. The Council will consider other tragedies, which may affect the participant, on a case-by-case basis.
  3. All requests for refunds must be in writing and made within 30 days of the event:
    • Only an employee of the Council serving as staff advisor for the event may authorize a refund for a Council sponsored event.
    • The amount of any refund shall be equal to the money paid to the Council, minus any deposit and money sent by the Council to another agency or company to cover the cost of the registered participant.  Any money that has been sent to another agency or company is considered issued and not refundable.

Summer Camp Fees

Any and all requests for a refund of summer camp fees must be made by September 1st.  All refund checks for summer camp will be processed after September 30th.  Requests are to be made to the Camp Director for the camp the participant was signed up for.


The following will apply for any deposit made for a Council sponsored program:

  1. Deposits are not refundable.  Any cancellation once the deposit has been sent to the Council will be forfeited.
  2. Deposits may be transferred to another participant who takes the entire slot for that event.

Waiting Lists

At times the Council maintains a waiting list. If the participant is not selected to attend the event all waiting list money will be refunded at 100%, including deposit money.

Cancellation by the Council

If the Twin Rivers Council or National Boy Scouts of America or any agency that has contracted with the Council cancels an event, the Council will issue a full 100% refund (including any Deposit Money).

Returned Payments

Any payment returned to the Twin Rivers Council by a financial institution or web site provider will be subject to any extra incurred fees, costs, penalties, assessments or fines associated with the transaction.

Late Fees and Discount

The council has the discretion to set late fees or discounts for Council events.  Any late fees will be announced with the original posting for the event so participants will know when deposits or event fees are paid and that late fees are involved.  Late fees paid to the Council are not refundable.

Appeal Process

An appeal of the Refund Policy, can be made to the Council Refund Committee.  This Committee is chaired by the Vice President of Program and includes the Council Program Committee Chairs.  The Refund Committee will meet quarterly to review any requests.  All requests are to be in writing and sent to the Council.

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