Staff Updates

We are proud to announce that we have hired two new Membership Associates. Tyler Henderson and Quin Ciccolella are joining our team starting September 1st. They will be working on membership and recruitment efforts for all of the Packs, Troops, Crews and Posts in the Twin Rivers Council. These positions will be working with our VP of Membership Kris Kusche, our Membership Executive Tory Carman and their volunteer membership teams. Please, welcome them as they help us to grow membership in 2021 and beyond.

Congratulations to Ruth LaCoss on a 20 Year Career at Twin Rivers Council

On September 8th Ruth begins her retirement where she is planning to travel the country with her husband. They are looking forward to many adventures as they roam the open roads. Ruth will be at the council camporee on Saturday October 9th in the afternoon. Be sure to stop by and say hello. Good Luck On the Open Road!!

Promotion and Job Changes

District Director

We are excited to announce that Tory Carman is being promoted to District Director and will manage the membership team for the Twin Rivers Council. Tory has been a District Executive for almost three years and has done an excellent job. She has helped turn Mohawk District into one of our best districts and continues to excel in whatever assignments she has been asked to do including Day Camp and being our lead in Membership.

Join us in congratulating Tory on a well deserved promotion!!

New Office Manager

We are proud to announce that Sandy Elkins will be our new office manager. Sandy has done a great job as the Fort Orange District Executive and as our Registrar. It is our belief that Sandy is the best registrar in the country. She has even be asked to be on national task force for helping to develop the new re-charter system. Our membership records have been in great shape since Sandy has taken on this assignment and we know she will be a great office manager for us as well!!

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