What is a Trek?

Scouting offers a special opportunity to those that are willing to grab the brass ring and run.  Taking a Trek is where you can put all those skills that you have worked on to use deep in the beautiful wilderness of the Adirondacks.   You do not need to be an expert in backpacking or canoeing to join in the fun of a Wak-Trek.  You just need to be 13 or older with a willingness to put in some effort and have an appetite for adventure.  You will come away from your trek with skills and stories to share with your grand-kids.  We are so fortunate to have convenient access to dozens of multi-night canoe and backpacking routes.  Come to the Adirondacks and see what life was like 200 years ago.  Nature is special, and Trekking allows you to truly see and experience the backcountry.  By the way, when it comes to the food - we are not here to suffer.  Scouts will take the time to prepare first-class meals.

Trek Types?

All council treks are run out of Camp Wakpominee.  To the extent possible each trek is youth-led.  The scouts can pick the type of trek, location (from a list of options), and activities along the way.  There are ways to participate:

  • Unit Trekking - This is where a Troop or Crew can sign up to go on a trek as a group.  You pick who goes, we provide the Voyageur, food, and crew equipment.  You pick one of the itineraries or work with your Voyageur to create your own.  This is a great way to tune up for Philmont or a Northern Tier experience.
  • Provisional Trek - This is how an individual or small groups of scouts come to camp with their units and then team up with a Voyager forming their own unit for a Monday - Friday trip into the wilderness. There are opportunities to work on merit badges along the way. If you are attending Rotary Scout Reservation, you can sign up for a provisional Trek.  We will provide transportation from Rotary to Wakpominee and back.

Where Can I Go?

There are countless options for locations and activities on the trek, but here are a few ideas to pique your interest:

  • Canoeing and fishing the Raquette River This Trek can cover anywhere between 20 and 75 miles (depending on the skill and desires of the youth).  While we do not control the fish, we have found fantastic bass fishing along this route.
  • Backpacking the Black Mountain Area- This area is right up the road from Wakpominee and offers a wonderful network of hiking trails ponds, mountains, and lean-tos.
  • Canoeing the Saint Regis Canoe Area - on this Trek scouts will experience a unique network of interconnected ponds, rivers, and lakes. There are countless routes through Saint Regis which also connects with the Saranac's. Along the way, a hike up one of the nearby mountains can provide a panoramic view of the entire route.
  • Hiking the Northville-Lake Placid Trail - This backpacking trip is on relatively level ground with outstanding camping along the way. Depending upon the trail section the scouts select, the hike can take you past a truly unique area like the Noah John Rondeau hermitage, and Duck Hole.
  • Have something else in mind? Contact us to see where you want to go!

Don't think that trekking is for "those other scouts".  Take the bold move to sign up.  You will thank yourself.

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