Awards & Recognition May

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Twin Rivers Council is HONORED to have recognized the following Scouters! Please join us in congratulating:

Lincoln Drury Cathers – 2011| Edward J. LaFave – 2011| Nicholas J. D’Ambrosio Jr. – 2013 | Robert Herzog Jr. – 2013 Arlen Olsen – 2013 John Peter Garvey IV – 2015 Mark R. Holtzman – 2015 Ronald C. Wilson – 2015 Michael George Baird – 2017 George Chesney – 2017 William S. Clancy – 2017 George D. Casey – 2018 Jerry L. Neff – 2018
Robert Baldwin – 2021 Ed Coons Sr. – 2021 Brian Murray – 2021
Joel Uline- 2022,  Dr Steve Krizar-2022, Greg Szcney- 2022

Stay tuned for a “Gathering of Eagles”

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Click Here The National Eagle Scout Association established the Outstanding Eagle Scout Award during the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America in 2010. Popularly known by its acronym, “NOESA,” the award recognizes Eagle Scouts notable for their local, state, regional or national distinguished service who do not yet meet more stringent nomination requirements for the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award (DESA). Candidates for the NOESA have inspired others through their positive actions reflected by recognized accomplishments and devotion to their profession, hobby, community, and beliefs. Previous recipients include authors, explorers, television personalities, military flag officers, scientists, medical doctors, government officials, prominent business people, and entrepreneurs. Nominations are determined by the local council NESA committee, Scout Executive, and council president. In rare cases, the National NESA Committee may originate nominations. Each recipient’s record of service and accomplishments should elevate the public stature and reputation of Eagle Scouts.
  • The nominee must be an Eagle Scout in good standing with the Boy Scouts of America and must either be registered with or have their primary residence within the boundaries of the nominating council.
  • There is no specific timeline required to qualify for this award after earning the Eagle Rank. Therefore, in extremely rare cases, it is possible that a truly outstanding youth, such as an Olympic athlete, may be eligible for selection.
  • The nominating council should retain details regarding actions and accomplishments that led to the nominee’s consideration for the award.  Only the data required by the nomination form should be submitted to the National Eagle Scout Association.
  • Nominations must be sent to the National Eagle Scout Association by the council’s designee.  Individuals may not submit nominations.
maxresdefault Nominate people for awards.  Earn your alumni award:  We WANT you to be recognized, and we want others to be recognized! Awards dont just appear! You have to fill out paperwork, or nominate someone. Please take the time!

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Educator name and district and building or school Fretwell Award. This award can be presented at the district, council, area, region, and national level based on the reach of the impact of the recipient. Recipients do not have to be teachers or have previous Scouting connections. They can work in public, private, or religious schools, and at any level from elementary education to higher education. Each District is allowed to present one award per school (or educational institution) in its area.