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New for the Fall 2021 sale:

  • NEW Company – We have switched to a different popcorn distributor – CAMP MASTER’s Gourmet Popcorn
  • BETTER Pricing – Camp Master’s offers more products $15 and under!
  • Some familiar and some NEW flavors for your friends, families, and neighbors to choose from.

More details to go out to units and families in late spring/early summer.

Sign Up Today!

The first step to ensuring your unit's goals. Sign your unit up today!

Sales App

The app for Scouts to track and report real-time sales, accept cash and debit/credit cards, track inventory, and more!

Popcorn Guide

Your playbook for specific Twin Rivers information, sales details, and important dates that you should know about. 

Best Practices

Learn from those who came before. Great ideas and tried concepts that will get you moving product like a pro. 


$ Down

Turn-key unit fundraiser with no upfront money required, nor risk to the unit.



Scouts spend 8 hours fundraising, and sell $1,000 on average to help cover program costs. 


% Commission

Units can earn up to 35% of all sales.  



All a scout needs to sell in order to be able to pay for their annual registration and still ahve $82 left over for the unit's program. 

The Best Fundraiser for Scouting Units

Average of 70% goes back to supporting local Scouting.

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