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An overview of the Trails-End Popcorn Fundraiser for all Popcorn Kernels, new and returning. Offering training in the Trail’s End Unit Leader Portal, Trail’s End App, and Best Practices to help get you started on the right foot!  About 45 Minutes of Training + Q&A

Register for a online webinar

Please visit www.trails-end.com/webinars for more info. Please email this out to your Units. Also, if you want a refresher or a lot of the systems your volunteers use are still a mystery to you, please carve out some time to attend or watch the youtube link.

Webinar #1

Download the COI available for Show & Sell site sales at Stewart’s Shops.


For all all requests, please submit online at 364-coirequest.

TRC Staff:

Holly Rogers


518.869.6436 x136

The unit popcorn kick-off is an integral part of the popcorn sale.  It’s the time when you can help your families understand why the popcorn sale is so important. The goal is to only have to fundraise one time in a year, so you can spend more time Scouting, not fundraising.

What is a Popcorn Kick-Off? 

Popcorn Kickoff Sample Agenda

Popcorn Kickoff Activity Ideas

Popcorn Neckerchief Slide

Dollar Store Popcorn Carnival Game

The Amazing Popcorn Race Game

31 Fun Popcorn Games and Activities

Ideas to Help Sell More Popcorn

Cub Scout Popcorn Projects (to help you sell more popcorn)

6 Ideas to Help Sell More Popcorn

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