AOL Crossover’s Transferring Procedures

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I always like to remind units that Scoutbook is strictly for recording youth rank and other advancements; it is not for membership administration or transferring scouts. is where all unit Key 3 members have tools available to them for the administration membership. Who are Key 3 members? They are the Chartered Organization Rep, the Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Venturing Crew Advisor, Skipper, Post Advisor), and the Committee Chair. For AOL scouts crossing over to Scouts BSA, the most important thing to do first is record their AOL Rank advancement in Scoutbook or IA 2.0. Once that has been completed, then a Pack Key 3 member would log in to their account, and from the Main Menu, select the Pack, then select Roster.

When the roster appears, they check the box next to each scout’s name that will be transferred to the Troop, then select Transfer from the menu bar above the roster. A new window will appear listing the names of all the scouts selected; there is a drop-down box to select the unit type they are transferring to, in this case, Troop, below that enter the 4-digit Troop unit number, and the Troop and chartering organization will appear, select that, and click on Submit. Once the transfer is completed, Transfer Applications will appear in the Troop’s Application Manager for approval/acceptance by a Troop Key 3 member.

I’ll be teaching a membership class, “Understanding Unit Tools in,” at the University of Scouting on March 18th. I hope to see some unit leaders in my class!

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