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Scout Island Annual Membership - $100.00

Memberships are now available

Warm weather is right around the corner, and that means that units and members will once again be looking to use Scout Island.

Scout Island is located on the Great Sacandaga Lake in Mayfield, NY.  Surrounded by water, it is the perfect location for boaters on the lake to have an afternoon picnic.

In order to use the property, individuals need to purchase a membership from the Twin Rivers Council. Scout Island membership renewals are now available. The Council has a caretaker that oversees the Island.  If you have a membership, then you will be all set to enjoy the island!

The cost for an annual membership is $100.00 for the season.

For more information please feel free to call the Albany Service Center by calling 518-869-6436.

Information and Rules:

1.  The Hudson River-Black River Regulating District for the Great Sacandaga Lake has issued permit #111074 allowing us to utilize "Scout Island" for the purpose of boy, girl, and family Scouting programs in accordance with the following rules and regulations.  For clarification purposes, the Twin Rivers Council, BSA, will make the use of Scout Island available to its membership as follows:

a) Current sustaining members, within the calendar year of usage.

b) To other recognized youth groups, i.e. Sacandaga Bible Conference Youth, Broadalbin, NY.

2.  Proof of membership will be a membership sticker displayed on the boat or vessel, or a letter of authorization signed by the Council Executive.  The memberships are valid for the calendar year it was purchased in.

3.  Short term camping will be permitted on Scout Island for registered Scout units only.  The units eligible are Cub Packs, Scout Troops, Venture Crews, and Explorer Posts. Private or long term camping will not be allowed.

4.  The Twin Rivers Council Scouting units using the facilities must submit a council certified BSA Tour Permit seven (7) days prior to occupation.

5.  Non-scouting youth organizations may use the facilities on a daily use basis only.  Proof of adequate insurance and registration must be available upon request.

6.  All Scouting Units and Non-Scouting youth organizations MUST comply with NYS Board of Health Regulations in regards to adequate supervision: one (1) adult for eight (8) youth.

7.  No privy or other place for the deposit or storage of human excretion shall be constructed, located, or maintained on any of the lands embraced within the area of the reservoir.  No human excretion shall be placed, left or stored in the reservoir area.  No installation of any sewage disposal plant shall be made without the approval of the Board and the State Department of Health, and shall not be put into use until the finished work has been accepted and the use permitted by the Board and the State Department of Environmental Conservation.  (606.16 Rules and Regulations Governing the Use, Operation and Maintenance of the Great Sacandaga Lake.)

8.  No structures, either permanent or temporary, shall be constructed or maintained on the facility.

9.  It is understood that there are NO sanitary facilities or drinking water on the island; individuals and groups using the island must provide their own.

10.  Persons or groups authorized to use the island must remove all refuse which cannot be destroyed by burning, particularly metal, foil, bottles, cans, etc.  THIS RULE, IF NOT OBSERVED, WILL RESULT IN THE CANCELLATION OF THEIR MEMBERSHIP AND THE REFUSAL OF FURTHER USE OF THE ISLAND.

11.  Campfires must be controlled and completely extinguished before leaving the island.

12.  All persons granted permission to use the island will, from time to time, be restricted from any area when Scouts or Explorers are conducting planned activities on the island.  All persons using the island shall not interfere or use such areas upon the arrival of Scouts and/or Explorers or planned unit activities.

13.  The island ranger staff will control the rules and regulations of the island.  They will carry identification and will serve as representatives of Twin Rivers Council.  Three people will be appointed annually by the Council President upon recommendation from the Council Camping Committee.

14.  Anyone observing violations of these rules and regulations should notify the Council Scout Service Center at the numbers below, giving the membership number and/or the name of the individual committing the violation.

16.  Dogs should be kept on a leash at all times when on the island.

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