What Is Geofencing?

What if you could send parents an invitation to attend a Join Scouting event directly through Facebook? By creating an event on Facebook and ‘geofencing’
it, you can. It’s easy, affordable and it’s a great way to reach parents with a message to join.

Here’s how it works.

·       Geofencing allows you to set a geographic virtual boundary around a specific location or  locations.

·       Geofencing is a method of geographically targeting a specific audience using Facebook. As an example let’s say we first set up an event in Facebook to feature a “Join Scouting” night. Once the Facebook event is set up, we then set up a geofence for the event and “boost” it. Once the virtual barrier is triggers will send our chosen audience an ad when their mobile device enters the specified area.

·       National Statistics showed that using event geofencing through Facebook to support recruitment that geofenced units recruited +7.43% more new Cub Scouts than they did the previous year. Whereas non-fenced units within those same councils were down an average of -9.12% in new Cub Scouts recruited. 

·       Let’s say we setup a recruiting event for where we want to reach parents such as a park. We set up an event geofence in Facebook with a 1-2 mile radius around the park where the joining night is scheduled. When a parent enters that area, they receive a notification on their Facebook page about the event. It’s easy. It’s hyper local, and it doesn’t rely on someone else passing out fliers or other material.

·       All that you need to do is sign up for Geofencing for your Unit. Just go to this link to request a geofence. If you have further questions a step by step guide was sent out in the Membership Newsletter on the 21st of September.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does this replace the recruitment flier?
    • No. This is simply one additional tactic to strengthen your recruitment
  2. How much does it cost?
    • 0$ for the first 7 days which will be covered by council. Additional Options
      are available through  Registration.
  3. Do we geofence multiple locations?
    • Yes
  4. Can we geofence one location and have the event at a different location?
    • Yes
  5. What about timing? How far out should I schedule the request for a geofence
    • 10+ days is preferred as that gives a few days to prepare to boost 7 days
  6. Do I need permission to geofence in my area
    • No.
  7. How else could I use this tactic?
    • Use it to help promote any recruiting event your unit has.


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