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Why Cub Scouts?


It is Fun.

No matter what grade your child is in it's a blast! Cub Scouts is an affordable activity for all. No youth is turned away due to an inability to pay.


Meet New Friends

Cub Scouting is a program that parents and children can do together while getting to know other families in your school or neighborhood. Cub Scout Packs are run by trained volunteers and parents like you.


Have Adventures.

Cub Scouts get awesome opportunities like pinewood derbies, rocket launches, camping, hiking trips, tours of police and fire stations, climbing, becoming an archer, field trips to museums, and much more!

Pack Recruitment Resources

Sign-Up Night Options

All Sign-Up Nights are designed to be fast paced for today’s busy parents.

Option 1: Presentation Method

The presentation method has been used successfully for many years.  If using this method, remember that the goal is to sign up new Scouts and adult leaders.  Packs are asked to avoid the use of PowerPoint presentations because they tend to include too much information, take too much time, and often cause interested families to leave without signing up because they simply can’t stay so long.  Instead, new Cub Scouts and parents should be invited back to a Parent Orientation a week later, which gives the pack an opportunity to share more information about their activities and leadership. 

The key to making any Sign-Up Night successful is advanced planning and preparation, including recruiting a sufficient number of enthusiastic volunteers to help.  A model campsite with a tent, camp chairs, fishing poles, etc. should be to one side of the presenter, so everyone clearly sees some Scouting fun while they’re there!


Option 2: Table Rotation Method

All Sign-Up Nights are designed to be fast paced for today’s busy parents. The table rotation method has been used very successfully in recent years.  It allows families more flexible timing and it allows the pack to have better one-on-one conversations with new families as they visit the tables.  Families sign in at the first table, then they go on a self-paced journey through five stations to learn how Scouting and the pack work.  Families who are familiar with Scouting, or who have limited time, may hurry past some tables, and go directly to checkout. A model campsite with a tent, camp chairs, fishing poles, etc. should be in the center of the room so everyone circles some Scouting fun while they’re there!

The key to making any Sign-Up Night successful is advanced planning and preparation, including recruiting enough enthusiastic volunteers to help.


Option 3: Drive Thru Method

Set up in a parking lot (possible school or central location for families) and have families drive up to sign up stations. Have Leaders and current Cub Scouts be there to help! Also have unit leaders wear a Pack Shirt or Class B to have parents feel welcome and wear name tags.

  • Station 1- Welcome & QR code to fill out online registration
  • Station 2- What we do: provide families with an information packet (pack calendar/leader contact, Pack information, display table, pinewood derby cars, etc.) Have as much information as possible to have ready to brag about your unit!
  • Station 3- Den Leader Welcome and Q & A
  • Station 4- Check out (opportunity for Pack to collect dues, pack t-shirt, and remind family of the 1st upcoming event/activity
  • Come up with creative themes and FUN activities!

Update Your  BeAScout.org

Put Your Unit on the Map

Make sure your unit’s information is correct on BeAScout.org. BeAScout.org is a tool prospective family use to find units to join. Is your unit information up to date?

We suggest listing feeder school(s) and/or church in the description. If your unit does not have a website, refer them to the district website (preferably the unit’s page, for example, http://www.raven.shac.org/units).

Is your unit information correct? Unit leaders can update the unit information to make it easy for new Scouting families to find your unit by logging into myscouting.org. Find a complete set of step-by-step instructions on how to update your BeAScout pin in this guide, and/or watch this “Setting Up Your BeAScout Unit Pin” instructional video.

Advertise Using Geofencing

Social Media

Your district or unit can leverage social technologies to improve recruiting. Social technologies are changing the way we collaborate and communicate with each other. Many traditional forms of marketing and advertising have been replaced by online word-of-mouth as consumers share their experiences online. In fact, according to Forrester, a premier technology research company, 75 percent of people in the U.S. use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). That means for many families, the decision to join Scouting is going to start with online engagement.

BSA Marketing and Membership Hub: https://scoutingwire.org/marketing-and-membership-hub/

BSA Brand Center: https://scouting.webdamdb.com/bp/ - /folder/4360341/

Photo Frames: Help promote Scouting on social media by adding a photo frame around your profile picture.

Sample Headlines: • Adventure is waiting. • Cub Scouts - Start Your Adventure • Build Your Adventure! • Adventure is Waiting. Join Cub Scouts. • Find Cub Scout Adventures Near You • Cub Scouting is Learning Through Adventure • Find Cub Scout Adventures • Rocket into Scouting! •  Rocket into Scouting. Join Cub Scouts Today! • Find Cub Scouts Near You • Your Child will Thank You!  • Build confidence with Cub Scouts. • Scouting families are supportive families. •  Direction for Your Child. Peace of Mind for You • Leadership, Character, Confidence. • Learn More About Cub Scouts • Interested in Cub Scouts? •  Considering Cub Scouts? • Enjoy the great outdoors with the Cub Scouts.

Sample Body Text

  • When Youth Learn Through Adventure, They Learn For Life. Help Your Child Build Strength & Character Through Cub Scout Adventures. Learn More Today!
  • Cub Scout Adventures Build Memories For the Whole Family. Click to Find New Adventures near you.
  • Goodbye Video Games, Hello Adventure! Enjoy the Great Outdoors with Cub Scouts. Click to Find an Adventure near you.
  • They're Growing Up Fast. Cub Scouting Can Help Them Grow Up Right. Help Your Child Be Their Best! Click for Info
  • They're Growing Up Fast. Cub Scouting Can Help Them Grow Up Right. Don't miss the adventure! Sign Up Today.
  • How Will You Celebrate When Your Child Earns Their First Belt Loop? Cub Scouts Brings Families Together with Activities & Adventures. Sign Up Today.
  • With Dozens of Activities from Camping to Pinewood Derby, Cub Scouts Have Fun and Learn Life Lessons Every Day. Find a Den Near You!
  • From Hiking, Camping, Roasting Marshmallows, and More, Cub Scouting is a Fun Way to Learn About the Great Outdoors. Sign Up for Cub Scouts Today.
  • Did You Know There Are 1.3 Million Cub Scouts Ages 5-10 in the U.S.? Cub Scouts Have Fun While Developing Character and Leadership Skills That Last A Lifetime. Join Today!
  • 3 Million Cub Scouts Ages 6-10 Learn Life Lessons Every Day. Click to Find a Cub Scout Program in Your Area and Prepare Your Child for Life.

Sample Link Description: • Adventure is Waiting. Learn More! • Build Your Adventure Today! • Adventure Awaits. Join Today. • Explore Cub Scout Adventures. • Family. Fun. • Adventure. • Your Next Adventure Starts Now • Find a Local Cub Scout Program. • Join the Cub Scout Ranks. • Find Cub Scouts Near You. • Click to Join Cub Scouts. • Explore Cub Scout Programs • Learn More About Cub Scouts. • Explore Cub Scout Requirements • Learn About Cub Scout Ranks

National Marketing Webinars- https://scoutingwire.org/marketing-and-membership-hub/marketing-webinars/

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